Calibration Documentation is documented process or system through which the calibration system is standardized, such that all personnel shall interpret it in the same way and there is little room for error. The documentation system requirement is applicable as per the need of the organization and in this article we will discuss documentation for organizations certified with ISO 9001 standard. The documentation should include at minimum:

Recognition of monitoring and control of Measuring Instrument in organization’s “Quality Manual”.

Procedure for monitoring and control of Measuring Instrument covering at minimum:

Master list of all Measuring Instruments with at minimum information as below

  • Name of the measuring instrument
  • Type of measuring instrument
  • Manufacturer’s serial number
  • Unique identification number
  • Current location of storage
  • Date received
  • Date put on use
  • Calibration date
  • Calibration due date
  • Calibration interval
  • Least count
  • Desired accuracy / Acceptance criteria
  • Current Status
  • Any adjustments (if carried out)

Other customized templates designed by organization (Measuring Instrument History Card, Corrective action report card for measuring instrument found out of acceptance limit after calibration).

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